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At East Cobb Suzuki Violin School,the focus is not on producing world class violinists. Instead the objective is to help your child to gain an appreciation and love for music that should she/ he later wish to make music a part of her life the opportunity is there. The violin in particular, sometimes thought too complex to learn to play becomes fun, uplifting, and exciting. Come find the love that is created between a parent and child when they join one another for this, "Musical Journey"! Please complete the Information below and you will receive a response most often within 8 business hours.
In the almost 3 years that My daughter studied under Mr. Ben, she found him to be a delight. He is great with kids and teaches violin in a fun and engaging way. The kids really respond to the "tricks" be uses to teach tough skills. We really enjoyed working with Mr. Ben.

- Fezeka Saige

Our 6-year old daughter has been taking Suzuki Violin Lessons from Mr. Ben for the last 18 months. During this time, we have seen her progress tremendously and she delights in performing for her classmates any time the opportunity presents itself. Mr. Ben is a wonderful teacher who has tremendous patience and is able to bring out the best in his students. His encouragement has helped our daughter develop her talents and love for music. Mr. Ben has a great rapport with the kids he teaches and makes violin lessons fun. We can’t thank Mr. Ben enough!
Jill and Brett Y. 

East Cobb Suzuki Violin School
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