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Ben (Mr.Ben)
     Mr. Ben has had decades of experience working with children of all ages three years and up with his oldest, "Kids", in the program having been in their 70's. He has a great repore and love for his students and parents and together gets each involved in the process of making wonderful experiences, wonderful music, and wonderful opportunities for mom, dad, and child to share something very special.  

  Mr. Ben began studying violin with The Suzuki Method in 1968 at the age of 3. His mother began teaching her children using this method in 1965 early in the American establishment of the Suzuki Method.  She and Mr. Ben studied directly under Ms. Louise Behrend, founder of the worlds most famous string school in New York City, "The School for Strings".   

     She and John Kendall each lived with Dr. Suzuki in the 1950's and are given credit for bringing and introducing the method to the United States.  Mr. Ben's mother later came to complete several years of study with Dr. Suzuki in Nagoya as well.   She had one of the most established Suzuki Violin School Programs in the Northeast.  As a kid, Mr. Ben would fly monthly to NYC with his mother for a special lesson treat with Louise as a reward for a month of good practice.

    Mr. Ben also had his opportunity to spend a week with Dr. Suzuki in West Berlin in 1984 just prior to the, "Wall", coming down. His family was captivated by music and his family consisting of six boys in the 1970’s was twice recognized as the most musical family in the northeast region of the US.

     Music has been Mr. Ben's passion and love, which has driven him to share his years of experiences and knowledge with new generations of music lovers.

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 July 15, 2019

Kartik Sivaramakrishnan:    Father of Vidya and Vani 

     Our daughters Vidya and Vani have been students of Mr. Ben for the past 3 years. They simply adore him and treat him as a member of our family. Mr. Ben is the most patient and encouraging instructor that my wife or I have ever seen.  Mr, Ben genuinely cares that our girls learn at their own pace and under his watchful tutelage they have become exceptional violinists and more confident individuals. 
     Three years ago Mr. Ben also encouraged wife Amalelu to learn to play alongside our daughters.  All costs were included with our daughters tuition! My wife has become quite a violinist herself. Mr. Ben has made the entire experience with Strings, Violin/ Viola very, very special for our entire family.

Kartik and Alemelu Sivaramakrishnan  

August 2, 2019

Dear Mr.Ben,

  I just wanted to reflect on what you have done for my son as his violin teacher. You began teaching my son how to play the violin 5 years ago when he was still two, soon to be 3 years old. Thanks to your caring and professional approach, using the Suzuki Method you were able to teach my son how to differentiate the strings and within a few months how to properly hold his violin and bow.

  Soon after that, my son learned how to play Twinkle, the many variations​ and then move on to more advanced pieces. At every stage of development, you made the learning fun using songs and games to get my sons attention while teaching him important skills. Your attention to details knowing when to move from one exercise to another, giving him manageable yet challenging assignments helped him to progress to reach new heights,

  Having monthly performances at senior homes helped my son be motivated to excel because he wanted to be ready for the performances. It also developed his sense of confidence to play for an audience, something that can be quite intimidating to many adults. My son is now playing advanced pieces in Suzuki's Book 4 of the method and developing his own musical style.

  During the summer he joined a summer camp orchestra and was quite at ease playing more complex pieces with young talents 3 -5 and even 8 years older than him. Again, thank you for teaching my son how to grow and develop his violin talents!

Best Regards,

Thierry Leger
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​***   In the almost 3 years that my daughter has studied under Mr. Ben, she has found him to be a delight!  He is great with the kids and teaches violin in a fun and engaging way.  The kids really respond to the, "tricks", Mr. Ben uses to teach tough skills. His Suzuki training goes back for more than four decades!  We have really enjoyed working with him!

Fazek Saige